Plywood Panel Pallets

Plywood Panel Panel Deck Pallet
Pallet constructed with composite or structural panel top deck.
  pallets are high quality pallets designed for longevity. The plywood panel adds rigidity and durability to the entire structure. The pallet shown illustrates butted deck boards Butted Deck board
An inner deck board placed tightly against an adjacent lead deck board during pallet assembly.
  on the leading edge of the top deck to facilitate repair of the pallet without having to replace the entire plywood panel. This pallet is a captive pallet Captive Pallet
A pallet intended for use within the confines of a single facility, system or ownership; not intended to be exchanged.
  used for inner company movement of inventories. These pallets are cost effective when used repetitively within a system.

Plywood Panel Pallet
Plywood Panel Pallet

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