Standard 2-Way Pallet

Standard 2-way Two-Way Entry Pallet
A pallet with unnotched solid stringers allowing entry only from the ends
  pallets allow entry from the front and rear of the pallet only. These pallet are stronger across the stringers Stringers
Continuous, longitudinal, solid or notched beam-component of the pallet used to support deck components, often identified by location as the outside or center stringer.
  than 4-way pallets of the same configuration. The pallet shown has a static load capacity Static Load Capacity
The load capacity of a pallet sitting stationary on the floor.
  of approximately 8000 lbs, and a racked load capacity Racked Load Capacity
Output from the PDS program describing the maximum load carrying capacity and deflection of a pallet where the rack frame supports the pallet only at the ends of the stringers or stringer boards.
  of approximately 4000 lbs. This is a double-faced Double-Faced
A pallet with top and bottom decks
, flush style Flush Pallet
A pallet with deck boards flush with the stringers, stringer-boards or blocks along the sides of the pallet.
, non-reversible Non-Reversible Pallet
A pallet with bottom deck board configuration different from top deck
  pallet. 2-way pallets are available in any size or board configuration required.

Standard 2-way Pallet
Standard 2-way Pallet

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