Standard 4-Way Pallet

Standard 4-way Four-Way Entry Pallet
A pallet with openings at both pallet ends and along pallet sides sufficient to admit hand-pallet jacks; full four-way entry pallet.
  pallets allow forklift entry from both sides in addition to both front and rear, via notched stringers Notched Stringer
A stringer with two notches spaced for fork-tine entry, (partial four-way entry)
. These pallets are more versatile than 2-way pallets of the same configuration, but have lower capacity. The pallet shown has a static load capacity Static Load Capacity
The load capacity of a pallet sitting stationary on the floor.
  of approximately 7000 lbs; and a racked load capacity Racked Load Capacity
Output from the PDS program describing the maximum load carrying capacity and deflection of a pallet where the rack frame supports the pallet only at the ends of the stringers or stringer boards.
  of only about 1800 lbs. Pallet jacks cannot usually access the side entry of these pallets. 4-way pallets are available in any size or board configuration required.

Standard 4-way Pallet
Standard 4-way Pallet

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